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  1. This study aimed to assess the significance of serum albumin levels within 24 h of patient admission in correlation with the incidence of outcomes and mortality in patients diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. A...

    Authors: Fakhrddine Amri, Maissae Rahaoui, Hanane Aissaoui, Ouiam Elmqaddem, Hajar Koulali, Abdelkrim Zazour, Naima Abda, Zahi Ismaili and Ghizlane Kharrasse
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:234
  2. Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is a potentially efficient therapeutic intervention for superficial esophageal cancer. Additional treatment such as chemoradiotherapy (CRT) or esophagectomy is recommende...

    Authors: Yutaro Tasaki, Takuya Yamazaki, Shuhei Miyazaki, Tatsuya Takeda, Mika Nakatake, Daisuke Nakamura, Asuka Takahira, Koichi Honda, Akiko Egawa, Naoyuki Yamaguchi, Kazuhiko Nakao and Ryo Toya
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:232
  3. Individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) exhibit a heightened likelihood of developing erythema nodosum (EN), but the presence of causal link is unknown. The purpose of the present research was to inv...

    Authors: Min Zhong, Hongjin An and Huatian Gan
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:231
  4. According to the 5th edition of the Japanese Guidelines for the Treatment of Gastric Cancer, proximal gastrectomy is recommended for patients with early upper gastric cancer who can retain the distal half of t...

    Authors: Guangxu Zhu, Xuguang Jiao, Shengjie Zhou, Qingshun Zhu, Lei Yu, Qihang Sun, Bowen Li, Hao Fu, Jie Huang, Wei Lang, Xiaomin Lang, Shengyong Zhai, Jinqiu Xiong, Yanan Fu, Chunxiao Liu and Jianjun Qu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:230
  5. To investigate the odds and associations of pregnancy outcomes with exposure to biopsy-confirmed celiac disease (CD) in Northeast Iran.

    Authors: Saeed Sahebdel, Azita Ganji, Sajedeh Alijan Nezhad Baei, Malihe Amirian, Ehsan Mousa Farkhani, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Eisa Nazar, Mohammad Amin Khojastehnezhad and Sadaf Valizadeh
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:228
  6. Sepsis is triggered by pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in a systemic inflammatory response. Liver cirrhosis and sepsis create a vicious cycle: cirrhosis weakens immune function, raising infection risk and...

    Authors: Qiang Li, Rui Zeng, Yunxia Sun, Weipeng Xu, Zhihua Xie, Bencai Jing and Ting Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:227
  7. To determine how fetuin-A contributes to diagnosing and assessing MASLD severity.

    Authors: Mohamed M. Elhoseeny, Badawy A. Abdulaziz, Mohamed A. Mohamed, Radwa M. Elsharaby, Ghadeer M. Rashad and Amira A. A. Othman
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:226
  8. The Oakland score was developed to predict safe discharge in patients who present to the emergency department with lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB). In this study, we retrospectively evaluated if this sc...

    Authors: Luis M. Nieto, Yihienew Bezabih, Sharon I. Narvaez, Chaturia Rouse, Charleigh Perry, Kenneth J. Vega and Jami Kinnucan
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:225
  9. Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) is a common complication of liver cirrhosis, yet there are fewer studies about predictors of PVT recanalization. We aimed to further explore the predictors of recanalization in cir...

    Authors: Yali Shi, Wanlin Feng, Jiaman Cai, Zhonglin Wang, Ying Pu, Weiting Mao, Ke Zhan and Daorong Chen
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:224
  10. Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a persistent inflammatory condition that specifically targets the colon and rectum. Existing therapies fail to adequately address the clinical requirements of people suffering from t...

    Authors: Hao Fu, Xiao Zheng, Ke Xu, Yuge Zhang, Mengxia Wu and Min Xu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:223
  11. CFAP65 (cilia and flagella associated protein 65) is a fundamental protein in the development and formation of ciliated flagella, but few studies have focused on its role in cancer. This study aimed to investi...

    Authors: Yunze Li, Dongmei Ran, Shiva Basnet, Buzhe Zhang, Hongjing Pei, Chenchen Dan, Zixuan Zhang, Liang Zhang, Tianyu Lu, Yifan Peng and Changzheng Du
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:222
  12. Obesity has become a major global public health challenge. Studies examining the associations between different obesity patterns and the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are limited. This study...

    Authors: Jingjing Sun, Chun Yan, Jing Wen, Fang Wang, Han Wu and Fang Xu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:221
  13. To evaluate the clinical value of serum CEA levels and their implications on the diagnostic value of the conventional TNM staging system in the oldest-old patients with colorectal cancer (CRC).

    Authors: Weijing He, Yufei Yang, Qi Liu, Dakui Luo, Qingguo Li and Xinxiang Li
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:220
  14. There is a lack of adequate models specifically designed for elderly patients with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) to predict the risk of death. This study aimed to develop a nomogram for predicting the overal...

    Authors: Qingcheng Zhu, Mingfeng Lu, Bingyu Ling, Dingyu Tan and Huihui Wang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:219
  15. Studies attempted to estimate MASLD-related advanced fibrosis (AF) and cirrhosis (MC) prevalence utilized tests with low positive predictive value (PPV) which overestimates prevalence. AGILE3 + and 4 scores we...

    Authors: Naim Alkhouri, Ashraf Almomani, Phuc Le, Julia Y. Payne, Imad Asaad, Prido Polanco, Phillip Leff, Prabhat Kumar and Mazen Noureddin
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:218
  16. Multiple randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have investigated the efficacy of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but have yielded inconsistent results. We updated the s...

    Authors: Yu Wang, Yongmei Hu and Ping Shi
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:217
  17. Stroke-associated pneumonia (SAP) and gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) are common medical complications after stroke. The previous study suggested a strong association between SAP and GIB after stroke. However,...

    Authors: Runhua Zhang, Huiqing Hou, Xingquan Zhao, Liping Liu, Yilong Wang, Gaigen Liu, Yongjun Wang and Ruijun Ji
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:216
  18. Gastrointestinal (GI) motility disorders are common in clinical settings, but physicians still lack sufficient understanding and effective management of these conditions.

    Authors: Enaam Ali Al Mowafy, Marwa M. AboKresha, Sally Waheed Elkhadry, Mohamed Bassam Hashem, Ahmed Elganzory, Sayed Ahmed Sayed and Mohammad Almohamady Khaskia
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:215
  19. Platelet dysfunction plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Despite clinical observations indicating abnormalities in platelet parameters among IBD patients, inconsisten...

    Authors: Cheng Xu, Zhen Song, Li-ting Hu, Yi-heng Tong, Jing-yi Hu and Hong Shen
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:214
  20. About 20% of patients with acute pancreatitis develop a necrotising form with a worse prognosis due to frequent appearance of organ failure(s) and/or infection of necrosis. Aims of the present study was to eva...

    Authors: Claire Valentin, Guillaume Le Cosquer, Géraud Tuyeras, Adrian Culetto, Karl Barange, Pierre-Emmanuel Hervieu, Nicolas Carrère, Fabrice Muscari, Fatima Mokrane, Philippe Otal, Barbara Bournet, Bertrand Suc and Louis Buscail
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:213
  21. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a common dietary disorder caused by fatty changes in the liver parenchyma and hepatocytes without alcohol consumption. The present study aimed to investigate the pre...

    Authors: Mina AkbariRad, Masoud Pezeshki Rad, Hadi Nobakht, AmirAli Moodi Ghalibaf, Abdollah Firoozi, Ashkan Torshizian, Amir Reza Bina, Ali Beheshti Namdar and Masoumeh Sadeghi
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:212
  22. Crohn’s disease (CD) is a chronic condition characterized by a high recurrence rate after surgery, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. Many studies have explored the risk factors for the r...

    Authors: Dongchi Ma, Yu Li, Ling Li and Lili Yang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:211
  23. To compare the application of conventional MRI analysis and MRI-based radiomics to identify the circumferential resection margin (CRM) status of rectal cancer (RC).

    Authors: Hong Liang, Dongnan Ma, Yanqing Ma, Yuan Hang, Zheng Guan, Yang Zhang, Yuguo Wei, Peng Wang and Ming Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:209
  24. In Chinese healthcare settings, drug selection decisions are predominantly influenced by the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (PTC). This study evaluates two recently introduced potassium-competitive acid blo...

    Authors: Chaojun Xue, Yuhan Du, Haotian Yang, Huixin Jin, Yue Zhao, Bingnan Ren and Zhanjun Dong
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:208
  25. The primary objective of this study is to comparatively assess the safety of nasogastric (NG) feeding versus nasojejunal (NJ) feeding in patients with acute pancreatitis (AP), with a special focus on the initi...

    Authors: Ming Wang, Haiyan Shi, Qianqian Chen, Binbin Su, Xiaoyu Dong, Hui Shi and Shiping Xu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:207
  26. Authors: Fleur E. Marijnissen, Pieter J. F. de Jonge, Nicole S. Erler, Sohal Y. Ismail, Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar and Manon C. W. Spaander
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:206

    The original article was published in BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:38

  27. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the major causes of liver cirrhosis (LC) and HCC. Therefore, the discovery of common markers for he...

    Authors: Yingai Zhang, Weiling Yu, Shuai Zhou, Jingchuan Xiao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Haoliang Yang and Jianquan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:205
  28. Helicobacter pylori infection is prevalent worldwide and can lead to peptic ulcer disease (PUD) and gastric cancer. Effective diagnosis and treatment of H. pylori infection by gastroenterologists and family physi...

    Authors: Kianna Cadogan, Seth R. Shaffer, Alexander Singer, Aleisha Reimer, Natalie Knox, Jillian Rumore, Sara Christianson, David C. Alexander, Jessica D. Forbes and Charles N. Bernstein
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:204
  29. Transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME) has improved the laparoscopic dissection for rectal cancer in the narrow pelvis. Although taTME has more clinical benefits than laparoscopic surgery, such as a bette...

    Authors: Masatsugu Ishii, Toshikatsu Nitta, Jun Kataoka, Yasuhiko Ueda, Ayumi Matsutani, Masataka Taki, Ryutaro Kubo, Masato Ota and Takashi Ishibashi
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:203
  30. Dilatation of common bile duct (CBD) is mostly pathological and mainly occurs secondary to mechanical causes. We aimed to explore the prevalence of CBD dilatation in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of...

    Authors: Wisam Sbeit, Amir Shahin and Tawfik Khoury
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:201
  31. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic inflammatory condition, is caused by several factors involving aberrant immune responses. Genetic factors are crucial in IBD occurrence. Mendelian randomization (MR)...

    Authors: Leichang Zhang, Pan Shen, Wei Ge, Wu Liao, Qinghua Luo, Chaofeng Li, Chuanyu Zhan, Xiao Yuan, Xiaonan Zhang and Xiaojun Yan
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:200
  32. Perforated peptic ulcer is the worst complication of peptic ulcer disease whose burden is disproportionately higher in low-income settings. However, there is paucity of published data on the patterns of perfor...

    Authors: Isaac Edyedu, Francis Xaviour Okedi, Joshua Muhumuza, Daniel Asiimwe, Goretty Laker and Herman Lule
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:199
  33. The predictive value of immunological fecal occult blood (iFOB) testing for the screening of colorectal cancer has been well described in the Western world. However, its relevance in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) i...

    Authors: Tchuitcheu Ulrich Jovanka, Ndjitoyap Ndam Antonin Wilson, Bekolo Nga Winnie, Ngogang Marie Paule, Talla Paul, Dang Babagna Isabelle and Biwole Sida Magloire
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:198
  34. Authors: Mohamed Elbadry, Fathiya El-Raey, Mohamed Alboraie, Mohamed Abdel-Samiee, Doaa Abdeltawab, Mohammed Hussien Ahmed, Ahmed F Sherief, Ahmed Eliwa, Mina Tharwat, Amira Abdelmawgod, Ossama Ashraf Ahmed, Eman Abdelsameea, Aya Mahros, Abdelmajeed M. Moussa, Alshaimaa Eid, Khaled Raafat…
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:196

    The original article was published in BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:186

  35. Despite transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) was recommended as first line therapy for intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the efficacy of transarterial embolization (TAE) has not been widely recogn...

    Authors: Guoliang Wang, Jinxiang Zhang, Hao Liu, Qichang Zheng and Ping Sun
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:195
  36. Chronic liver disease (CLD) is one of the leading disease burdens in Pakistan. Until now, there has only been limited focus in the country on providing health services through tertiary services in urban cities...

    Authors: Sara Rizvi Jafree, Ammara Naveed, Humna Ahsan, Syeda Khadija Burhan, Masha Asad Khan, Amna Khawar and Florian Fischer
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:193
  37. Gallstones are associated with obesity, and the BRI is a new obesity index that more accurately reflects body fat and visceral fat levels. The relationship between BRI and gallstone risk is currently unknown, ...

    Authors: Changlong Wei and Gongyin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:192
  38. Type C hepatitis B-related acute-on-chronic liver failure (HBV-ACLF), which is based on decompensated cirrhosis, has different laboratory tests, precipitating events, organ failure and clinical outcomes. The p...

    Authors: Chunyan Li, Hao Hu, Chengzhi Bai, Huaqian Xu, Lin Liu and Shanhong Tang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:191
  39. The inflammatory bowel disease self-efficacy scale (IBD-SES) is an instrument used across many countries to measure important health outcomes of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We aimed to deve...

    Authors: Makoto Tanaka, Aki Kawakami, Kayoko Sakagami, Tomoko Terai, Jovelle Fernandez, Laurie Keefer and Hiroaki Ito
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:190
  40. There is an incomplete understanding of the full safety profiles of repeated COVID-19 vaccinations in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Among individuals with IBD, we assessed whether COVID-19 va...

    Authors: Jennifer J. Y. Lee, Sasha Bernatsky, Eric I. Benchimol, M. Ellen Kuenzig, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Qing Li and Jessica Widdifield
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:189
  41. Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) prevent aspirin-associated gastric and duodenal mucosal damage. However, long-term use of PPIs can lead to various adverse reactions, such as gastric polyps and enterochromaffin-l...

    Authors: Junhua Weng, Yuli Song, Dayu Kuai, Weiwei Dai, Yuxia Yao, Wenjing Xu, Yaqiang Li, Longying Fan and Baohong Xu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:187
  42. Egypt faces a significant public health burden due to chronic liver diseases (CLD) and peptic ulcer disease. CLD, primarily caused by Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, affects over 2.9% of the population nati...

    Authors: Mohamed Elbadry, Fathiya El-Raey, Mohamed Alboraie, Mohamed Abdel-Samiee, Doaa Abdeltawab, Mohammed Hussien Ahmed, Ahmed F Sherief, Ahmed Eliwa, Mina Tharwat, Amira Abdelmawgod, Ossama Ashraf Ahmed, Eman Abdelsameea, Aya Mahros, Abdelmajeed M Moussa, Alshaimaa Eid, Khaled Raafat…
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:186

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:196

  43. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer and the second cause of cancer-related deaths in the world. Despite the infrastructure and the availability of organized screening programs, partici...

    Authors: Amir Sadeghi, Shiva Salar, Pardis Ketabi Moghadam, Makan Cheraghpour and Raziyeh Ghafouri
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:185

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