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  1. In the past quite a long time, intraoperative cholangiography(IOC)was necessary during laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC). Now magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) is the main method for diagnosin...

    Authors: Xu Guo, Qing Fan, Yiman Guo, Xinming Li, Jili Hu, Zhuoyin Wang, Jing Wang, Kai Li, Nengwei Zhang, Buhe Amin and Bin Zhu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:28
  2. To investigate the association of four insulin resistance (IR) indicators with hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS), as well as to compare the diagnostic value of these ind...

    Authors: Tzu-chia Kuo, Yang-bor Lu, Chieh-lun Yang, Bin Wang, Lin-xin Chen and Ching-ping Su
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:26
  3. This study was designed to explore the expression changes of P2Y1 receptors in the distal colonic myenteric layer of rats. An opioid induced constipation(OIC) rat model was generated by intraperitoneal (i.p) inje...

    Authors: Yuqiong Zhao, Huijuan Luo, Xiaojie Ren, Binghan Jia, Jinzhao Li, Lixin Wang and Junping Li
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:23
  4. The prevalence of ulcerative colitis (UC) has been increasing, also in older adults. Here, we retrospectively compared the efficacy and safety of tacrolimus (TAC) in older and younger patients with UC.

    Authors: Ayumi Ito, Syun Murasugi, Teppei Omori, Shinichi Nakamura and Katsutoshi Tokushige
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:22
  5. Liver disorders are important adverse effects associated with antifungal drug treatment. However, the accuracy of Clinical International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10 codes in identifying liver disorders...

    Authors: Diego Hernan Giunta, Pär Karlsson, Muhammad Younus, Ina Anveden Berglind, Helle Kieler and Johan Reutfors
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:21
  6. To investigate the feasibility of a deformable self-assembled magnetic anastomosis ring (DSAMAR), designed and developed by us, for endoscopic gastrointestinal bypass anastomosis.

    Authors: Miaomiao Zhang, Jianqi Mao, Jia Ma, Shuqin Xu, Yi Lyu and Xiaopeng Yan
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:20
  7. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal pain, discomfort, and changes in bowel habits. The mechanism underlying IBS remains unclear, and littl...

    Authors: Yu Zeng, Huabing Liu, Zhihui Pei, Rui Li, Zuihui Liu and Chuanwen Liao
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:19
  8. Ursodeoxycholic acid is the preferred first-line therapy for primary biliary cholangitis. Alternative therapies, such as obeticholic acid, are recommended for patients who cannot tolerate ursodeoxycholic acid ...

    Authors: Nicholas MacDonald, Rebecca Loh, Jonathan M. Fenkel, David A. Sass and Dina Halegoua-DeMarzio
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:18
  9. Autoimmune liver diseases (AILD) are increasing and common forms of chronic liver disease (CLD) with different clinical responses and characteristics which can result in cirrhosis. This study aimed to investig...

    Authors: Seyed Erfan Mehdi Nejad, Mohammad Heiat, Mohammad Javanbakht, Seyed Moayed Alavian and Mohammad Ali Abyazi Haris
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:17
  10. Few studies have investigated healthy female individuals (HFI) and those with obstructed defecation syndrome associated with moderate rectocele in women (MRW), identified using three-dimensional high-resolutio...

    Authors: Hong Zhi Geng, Yi Zhang, Chen Xu, Jiying Cong and Yuwei Li
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:16
  11. To explore the value of clinical application with the whole process computed tomography (CT) guided percutaneous gastrostomy in esophageal tumor patients.

    Authors: Xiang Geng, Qing Zhao, Hang Yuan, Hai-Liang Li, Chen-Yang Guo, Ting Yang, Wei-Jun Fan, Jung-Hoon Park, Xiao-Hui Zhao, Wen-Bo Zhu and Hong-Tao Hu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:14

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:86

  12. Authors: Junichi Kaneko, Takanori Yamada, Yuzo Sasada, Moeka Watahiki, Toshikatsu Kosugi, Daisuke Kusama, Hiroki Tamakoshi, Tomoyuki Niwa, Masaki Takinami, Atsushi Tsuji, Masafumi Nishino, Yurimi Takahashi, Kazuhito Kawata and Ken Sugimoto
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:13
  13. To comprehensively evaluate the efficacy, safety, patient symptoms, and quality-of-life (QoL) of lubiprostone, linaclotide, and elobixibat as treatment for chronic constipation (CC).

    Authors: Satish S. Rao, Noriaki Manabe, Yusuke Karasawa, Yuko Hasebe, Kazutaka Nozawa, Atsushi Nakajima and Shin Fukudo
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:12
  14. Exploring predictive biomarkers and therapeutic strategies of ICBs has become an urgent need in clinical practice. Increasing evidence has shown that ARID1A deficiency might play a critical role in sculpting t...

    Authors: Tao Xing, Li Li, Xiaosong Rao, Jing Zhao, Yiran Chen, Gaoda Ju, Yaping Xu, Xuan Gao, Guilan Dong, Xuefeng Xia, Yanfang Guan, Lingling Zhang, Zhenping Wen and Jun Liang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:11
  15. Double-balloon enteroscopy (DBE) is a standard method for diagnosing and treating small bowel disease. However, DBE may yield false-negative results due to oversight or inexperience. We aim to develop a comput...

    Authors: Yijie Zhu, Xiaoguang Lyu, Xiao Tao, Lianlian Wu, Anning Yin, Fei Liao, Shan Hu, Yang Wang, Mengjiao Zhang, Li Huang, Junxiao Wang, Chenxia Zhang, Dexin Gong, Xiaoda Jiang, Liang Zhao and Honggang Yu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:10
  16. A subgroup of adults with celiac disease experience persistent gastrointestinal and extraintestinal symptoms, which vary between individuals and the cause(s) for which are often unclear.

    Authors: Cara Dochat, Niloofar Afari, Rose-Marie Satherley, Shayna Coburn and Julia F. McBeth
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:9
  17. The relationship between adenomyomatous hyperplasia of the Vaterian system(AV) and cancer is unclear, some reports suggest that AV is often combined with mucosal glandular dysplasia, but it is not clear whethe...

    Authors: Weizheng Liu, Jie Li, Zhanyu Yang, Jianan Jiang, Daxu Zhang and Wenping Lu
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:8
  18. Gallbladder polyps are a common biliary tract disease whose treatment options have yet to be fully established. The indication of “polyps ≥ 10 mm in diameter” for cholecystectomy increases the possibility of g...

    Authors: Haoran Liu, Yongda Lu, Kanger Shen, Ming Zhou, Xiaozhe Mao and Rui Li
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:7
  19. The location of gastrointestinal perforation is essential for severity evaluation and optimizing the treatment approach. We aimed to retrospectively analyze the clinical characteristics, laboratory parameters,...

    Authors: Pingxia Lu, Yue Luo, Ziling Ying, Junrong Zhang, Xiaoxian Tu, Lihong Chen, Xianqiang Chen, Yingping Cao and Zhengyuan Huang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:6
  20. Pancreaticobiliary reflux (PBR) can induce gallstone formation; however, its pathogenic mechanism remains unclear. In this study, we explored the mechanism of PBR by the non-targeted metabolomic analysis of bi...

    Authors: Xuanbo Da, Yukai Xiang, Hai Hu, Xiangyu Kong, Chen Qiu, Zhaoyan Jiang, Gang Zhao, Jingli Cai, Anhua Huang, Cheng Zhang, Chuanqi He, Beining Lv, Honglei Zhang and Yulong Yang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:5
  21. Healthy individuals may experience increases in intestinal permeability after chronic or acute use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which may be attenuated by probiotics. This study investigates the e...

    Authors: Taylor C. Judkins, Rebecca J. Solch-Ottaiano, Brendan Ceretto-Clark, Carmelo Nieves Jr, James Colee, Yu Wang, Thomas A. Tompkins, Sara E. Caballero-Calero and Bobbi Langkamp-Henken
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:4
  22. Food bolus obstruction (FBO) leading to hospital treatment is often associated with eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE), stenosis, or oesophageal cancer (1). Danish national guidelines recommend that patients with...

    Authors: Jacob Holmen Terkelsen, Martin Hollænder, Kasper Bredal, Sara Munk Nielsen, Kristoffer Vittrup Koed Thomsen, Amanda Baggerman, Emilia Ofverlind, Alptug Mertcan Koc, Hannah Pakes, Marco Bassam Mahdi, Sanne Ørnfeldt Larsen, Vanessa Parra Gonzalez, Johannes Riis, Line Tegtmeier Frandsen, Dorte Melgaard and Anne Lund Krarup
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:3
  23. The influence of chronic hepatitis B infection (CBI) on hepatic steatosis, necroinflammation, and fibrosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) population was unclear. We aimed to investigate the effect...

    Authors: Lu Wang, Chang Lu, Yuncong Zhang, Qingsheng Liang and Jie Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:2
  24. Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is a highly malignant and easily metastatic bile duct tumor with poor prognosis. We aimed at studying the associated risk factors affecting distal metastasis of CCA and using nomogram ...

    Authors: Caixia Fang, Chan Xu, Xiaodong Jia, Xiaoping Li, Chengliang Yin, Xiaojuan Xing, Wenle Li and Zhenyun Wang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2024 24:1
  25. Gastric cancer (GC) is considered the sixth highly prevailing malignant neoplasm and is ranked third in terms of cancer mortality rates. To enable an early and efficient diagnosis of GC, it is important to det...

    Authors: Wu Xu, Shasha Chen, Qiuju Jiang, Jinlan He, Feifei Zhang, Zhuying Wang, Caishun Ruan and Bin Shi
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:455
  26. Liver cirrhosis, the advanced stage of many chronic liver diseases, is associated with escalated risks of liver-related complications like decompensation and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Morbidity and morta...

    Authors: Patrik Nasr, Mikael Forsgren, Wile Balkhed, Cecilia Jönsson, Nils Dahlström, Christian Simonsson, Shan Cai, Anna Cederborg, Martin Henriksson, Henrik Stjernman, Martin Rejler, Daniel Sjögren, Gunnar Cedersund, Wolf Bartholomä, Ingvar Rydén, Peter Lundberg…
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:454
  27. Owing to its strong acid inhibition, potassium-competitive acid blocker (P-CAB) based regimens for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) eradication are expected to offer clinical advantages over proton pump inhibitor ...

    Authors: Chang Kyo Oh, Hyun Lim, Seung In Seo, Sang Pyo Lee, Chang Seok Bang, Woon Geon Shin, Jin Bae Kim, Hyun Joo Jang and Gwang Ho Baik
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:453
  28. Pancreatic cancer is among the most lethal malignancies, with a 5-year overall survival (OS) of less than 10% for all stages. The present study aims to evaluate the epidemiological and clinical characteristics...

    Authors: Houda Abrini, Mounia Amzerin, Aicha El Baaboua, Sara Aboulaghras, Alia Bouhda and Fatima Zahra El Mrabet
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:452
  29. Short-term efficacy and safety of brazikumab (MEDI2070), a human monoclonal antibody and anti-p19 subunit inhibitor of interleukin-23, was demonstrated in a phase 2a trial in patients with moderate-to-severe a...

    Authors: Silvio Danese, Andrew Beaton, Elizabeth A. Duncan, Anne-Kristina Mercier, Jessica Neisen, Henrik Seth, Sofia Zetterstrand and Bruce E. Sands
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:451
  30. Evidence for dual antidiabetic therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with cirrhosis is limited. This study compared 5-year mortality, composite hepatic decompensation risk, and hepatocellular carcinoma ...

    Authors: Daniel J Huynh, Benjamin D Renelus and Daniel S Jamorabo
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:450
  31. Intestinal Behçet’s disease (BD) is characterized by typical gastrointestinal ulcers in patients with BD followed by complications such as bleeding, perforation and fistula. Biologic agents are currently under...

    Authors: Jongwook Yu, Sung Jae Shin, Yune-Jung Park, Hyung Wook Kim, Bo-In Lee, Byong Duk Ye, Geun-Tae Kim, Sung Kook Kim, Joo Sung Kim, Young-Ho Kim, Seonjeong Jeong and Jae Hee Cheon
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:449
  32. Our study aimed to analyze the characteristics of ultrasound images corresponding to each histological stage of primary biliary cholangitis (PBC).

    Authors: Yuan Zhang, Xing Hu, Jing Chang, Weihua Li, Chunyang Huang, Haiping Zhang, Jianjun Shen, Ning Shang and Fankun Meng
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:448
  33. Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are the most effective drugs for treating acid-related disorders. However, once-daily dosing with conventional PPIs fail to fully control acid secretion over 24 h. This study aime...

    Authors: Hyun Lim, Jong Kyu Park, Hyunsoo Chung, Si Hyung Lee, Jae Myung Park, Jung Ho Park, Gwang Ha Kim, Sung Kwan Shin, Su Jin Hong, Kwang Jae Lee, Moo In Park, Hye-Kyung Jung, Hyun-Soo Kim, Jae Kyu Sung, Seong Woo Jeon, Suck Chei Choi…
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:447
  34. To explore the underlying causality between leukocyte telomere length (LTL) and four gastrointestinal diseases, we designed a two-sample bidirectional Mendelian randomization study.

    Authors: Haikuo Wang, Xiaolin Chen, Siming Wang and Heyun Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:446
  35. The development and implementation of the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare systems for adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) should consider stakeholders’ perceptions. This study aimed...

    Authors: Mi Zhou, Youjun Xu and Yunxian Zhou
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:445
  36. Acute appendicitis (AA) is among the most common nontraumatic indications for emergent abdominal surgical procedures. However, accurately diagnosing all cases can be challenging, physical examination, biochemi...

    Authors: Mohamed Osman Suliman Basher, Ahmed Abdelfattah Ahmed and Aamir Abdullahi Hamza
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:444
  37. The objectives of this study were to present an accessible C-shaped partial stapled hemorrhoidopexy (C-PSH) in the treatment of grade IV hemorrhoids and to assess long-term outcomes of this technique compared ...

    Authors: Jun He, Meng-Dan Zhou, Wen-Jing Wu, Zhi-Yong Liu, Dong Wang, Guan-Gen Yang, Qin-Yan Yang and Zhong Shen
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:443
  38. Anal fistula is a common benign anorectal disease that often requires surgical intervention for effective treatment. In recent years, preoperative colonoscopy as a diagnostic tool in patients with anal fistula...

    Authors: Shumin Xu, Luo Zhang, Zhi Li, Kaiping Wang, Fang Liu and Bo Cao
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:442
  39. Recent studies show the potential role of dietary quality and quantity in predicting the risk of chronic diseases, such as liver disease, therefore, in the present study, we aimed to assess the association of ...

    Authors: Narjes Najibi, Mitra Kazemi Jahromi, Farshad Teymoori, Hossein Farhadnejad, Ammar Salehi-Sahlabadi and Parvin Mirmiran
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:441
  40. Type 1 gastric neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are relatively rare to the extent that some physicians have little experience in diagnosing and treating them. The purpose of this study was to increase the understa...

    Authors: Ying-Ying Chen, Wen-Juan Guo, Yan-Fen Shi, Fei Su, Fu-Huan Yu, Ru-Ao Chen, Chao Wang, Ji-Xi Liu, Jie Luo and Huang-Ying Tan
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:440
  41. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a common chronic condition. Its chronic nature may affect the pattern of medication use. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence, associated factors, and patter...

    Authors: Arash Ghamar-Shooshtari, Zahra Rahimian, Hossein Poustchi, Zahra Mohammadi, Bita Mesgarpour, Mohammadreza Akbari, Alireza Kamalipour, Seyed Reza Abdipour-Mehrian, Elham-Sadat Hashemi, Pooria Zare, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani, Reza Malekzadeh, Fatemeh Malekzadeh and Hossein Molavi Vardanjani
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:439
  42. The introduction of biological drugs has led to great expectations and growing optimism in the possibility that this new therapeutic strategy could favourably change the natural history of Inflammatory Bowel D...

    Authors: M. Valvano, A. Vinci, N. Cesaro, S. Frassino, F. Ingravalle, M. Ameli, A. Viscido, S. Necozione and G. Latella
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:438
  43. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients have a higher risk of metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) compared with the general population. However, it is not known whether available non...

    Authors: Tiago Lima Capela, Vítor Macedo Silva, Marta Freitas, Cátia Arieira, Tiago Cúrdia Gonçalves, Francisca Dias de Castro, Joana Magalhães and José Cotter
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:437
  44. Jaundice occurs in some pancreatic disease. However, its occurrences and role in pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (PNENs) has not been well studied. In this study we showed the association between jaundice ...

    Authors: Yongkang Liu, Jiangchuan Wang, Hao Zhou, Zicheng Wei, Jianhua Wang, Zhongqiu Wang and Xiao Chen
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:436
  45. Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening has been implemented in Tianjin, China since 2012. The objective was to estimate the neoplasia detection rate in a high-risk population by age and sex and to investigate the p...

    Authors: Zhen Yuan, Shuyuan Wang, Yuqi Wang, Hongzhou Li, Weifeng Gao, Xinyu Liu, Youkui Han, Zhaoce Liu, Qinghuai Zhang, Hong Ma, Junying Wang, Xiaomeng Wei, Xipeng Zhang, Wei Cui and Chunze Zhang
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:435
  46. The incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC) has increased in Iran, and determining the dietary patterns that can contribute to reducing or increasing the risk of CRC will help better control this disease. Therefo...

    Authors: Pegah Hadi Sicahni, Maede Makhtoomi, Kimia Leilami, Zainab Shateri, Farzaneh Mohammadi, Mehran Nouri, Niloofar Omidbeigi, Sanaz Mehrabani and Bahram Rashidkhani
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:434
  47. Acceptability and tolerance of bowel preparation is critical to overcome patient hesitancy in undergoing colon cancer screening and surveillance colonoscopy. To improve patient experience, a new sports drink-f...

    Authors: Gregory Wiener, Peter Winkle, John D. McGowan, Mark vB. Cleveland and Jack A. Di Palma
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:433
  48. Stomach adenocarcinoma (STAD) is a significant contributor to cancer-related mortality worldwide. Although previous research has identified endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) as a regulator of various tumor-pr...

    Authors: Zhaoxiang Song, Mengge Su, Xiangyu Li, Jinlin Xie, Fei Han and Jianning Yao
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2023 23:432

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