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Table 3 Kappa agreement coefficient of epigastric auscultation and capnography in assessing the nasogastric tube placement in the ICU patients

From: The comparison of capnography and epigastric auscultation to assess the accuracy of nasogastric tube placement in intensive care unit patients

VariablesCapnographyStatistic index
respiratory placement of nasogastric tubeGastric placement of nasogastric tube
Frequency (%)Frequency (%)
Epigastric auscultation
 respiratory placement of nasogastric tube21 (80.8)5 (19.2)Fisher’s = 34.95
Exact Test
P-value = 0.001
Measure of Agreement (Kappa)
P-value = 0.001
 Gastric placement of nasogastric tube2 (5.9)32 (94.1)