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Table 3 Mediation effect of DAI-HAD-HRQoL, and Social Support-HAD-HRQoL by PROCESS

From: Associations between disease activity, social support and health-related quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: the mediating role of psychological symptoms

Mediation analysis 1: DAI-HAD-HRQoL
 Total effect−5.54−13.210.000**−6.37−4.71
 Direct effect−2.74−7.140.000**−3.49−1.98
 Indirect effect−2.81−7.810.000**−3.63−2.14
Mediation analysis 2: Social Support-HAD-HRQoL
 Total effect1.384.900.000**0.821.93
 Direct effect0.180.790.428−0.270.64
 Indirect effect1.205.650.000**0.811.68
 a2−0.47−6.340.000**−0.62− 0.32
  1. **P < 0.01Abbreviations: DAI Disease activity indices, HAD Hospital anxiety and depression, HRQoL Health related quality of life, LLCI Lower level confidence interval, ULCL Upper level confidence interval