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Table 1 Highlights the main outcomes and specific factors of the Kaffes stent.

From: A unique type of fully covered metal stent for the management of post liver transplant biliary anastomotic strictures

No. of patients inserted


No. of patients removed


Immediate stricture resolution

54/56 (96%)

Long-term stricture resolution (%)

42/52a (81%)

Complications (%)

9/62 (15%)

Biliary reconstruction


Mean age (years)


Females (%)

26 (42%)

Symptomatic (%)

16 (26%)

DBD (%)

36/53 (68%)

CIT (Hours) (±SD)

8.6 (2.4)

  1. DBD Donation after brain death; CIT Cold ischaemic time. a One patient died of frailty post-transplant 13 months after a Kaffes stent successfully resolved the stricture and another was re-transplanted for chronic rejection so for the purpose of this study, both were not included in the analysis for long-term stricture resolution