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Table 1 Highlights the main outcomes and specific factors of the Kaffes stent.

From: A unique type of fully covered metal stent for the management of post liver transplant biliary anastomotic strictures

No. of patients inserted 62
No. of patients removed 56
Immediate stricture resolution 54/56 (96%)
Long-term stricture resolution (%) 42/52a (81%)
Complications (%) 9/62 (15%)
Biliary reconstruction 1
Mean age (years) 53
Females (%) 26 (42%)
Symptomatic (%) 16 (26%)
DBD (%) 36/53 (68%)
CIT (Hours) (±SD) 8.6 (2.4)
  1. DBD Donation after brain death; CIT Cold ischaemic time. a One patient died of frailty post-transplant 13 months after a Kaffes stent successfully resolved the stricture and another was re-transplanted for chronic rejection so for the purpose of this study, both were not included in the analysis for long-term stricture resolution