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Table 1 49 cell lines were analyzed. Seven cell lines were present in different passages. Of six cell lines only cDNA was analyzed, instead of gDNA and cDNA

From: Patient-individual cancer cell lines and tissue analysis delivers no evidence of sequences from DNA viruses in colorectal cancer cells

Number Name Material Number Name Material
1 HROC18 P27 gDNA 29 HROC147Met P28 gDNA
2 HROC24 P31 gDNA 30 HROC147 T0 M1 P34 gDNA
3 HROC24 P42 cDNA 31 HROC183 P9 gDNA
4 HROC24 T1 M2 P53 cDNA 32 HROC183 T0 M2 P23 gDNA
5 HROC24 T3 M1 #2 P9 gDNA 33 HROC212 P17 gDNA
6 HROC32 P34 gDNA 34 HROC222 T1 M2 P8 gDNA
7 HROC32 T0 M2 cDNA 35 HROC257 P10 gDNA
8 HROC32 T3 M1 P10 gDNA 36 HROC257 T0 M1 P9 gDNA
9 HROC39 P30 gDNA 37 HROC257 T0 M1 P54 cDNA
10 HROC39 T0 M1 cDNA 38 HROC277Met2 P8 gDNA
11 HROC40 P29 gDNA 39 HROC277Met2 P9 gDNA
12 HROC46 T0 M1 P40 gDNA 40 HROC277 T0 M1 P43 gDNA
13 HROC50 T1 M5 P29 gDNA 41 HROC278 T0 M1 P10 gDNA
14 HROC57 P31 gDNA 42 HROC278 T0 M1 P24 cDNA
15 HROC60 P38 gDNA 43 HROC278Met P29 gDNA
16 HROC69 P29 gDNA 44 HROC278Met T2 M2 P22 gDNA
17 HROC69 T0 M2 P32 gDNA 45 HROC284Met P28 gDNA
18 HROC80 T1 M1 P25 gDNA 46 HROC285 T0 M2 P29 gDNA
19 HROC87 T0 M2 P25 gDNA 47 HROC296 P15 gDNA
20 HROC87 T0 M2 P29 cDNA 48 HROC296 P16 gDNA
21 HROC103 T0 M1 P36 gDNA 49 HROC324 P10 gDNA
22 HROC107 cT0 M2 P38 gDNA 50 HROC334 P21 gDNA
23 HROC111Met1 T0 M2 P7 gDNA 51 HROC348Met P9 gDNA
24 HROC111Met1 T0 M2 P8 gDNA 52 HROC357 P9 gDNA
25 HROC112Met P30 gDNA 53 HROC357 P14 gDNA
26 HROC113 cT0 M1 P32 gDNA 54 HROC370 P6 gDNA
27 HROC126 P26 gDNA 55 HROC383 P2 gDNA
28 HROC131 T0 M3 P21 gDNA 56 HHC6548 T1 M1 P30 gDNA