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Table 4 Predictors of development of early ascites based on multivariate Cox regression, censoring the time of follow-up at death, early ascites, or second DEB-TACE

From: The development of early ascites is associated with shorter overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with drug-eluting embolic chemoembolization

 p-valueExp(B)Exp(B) 95% CI
CSPH (yes/no)0.350.340.052.99
Esophageal varices (yes/no)0.430.610.12.10
BCLC 0/ A (yes/no)0.201.800.7304.46
Child A5 (yes / no)0.0010.220.090.53
Ascites prior to DEB-TACE< 0.0010.120.040.32
  1. Model 1: Child A 5 plus Hemoglobin; Model 2: Hemoglobin plus prior ascites plus albumin
  2. CSPH Clinically significant portal hypertension