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Table 2 Characteristics of patients with IBD

From: Hypophosphataemia after ferric carboxymaltose is unrelated to symptoms, intestinal inflammation or vitamin D status

 Crohn’s disease (n = 11)Ulcerative colitis (n = 13)
Montreal Classification Number of patients, nAge at diagnosis (y) Disease extent 
<  172Proctitis0
17–406Left sided colitis7
>  403Extensive colitis6
Location Disease severity 
Ileal7Clinical remission0
Upper GI0Severe5
Non-stricturing, non-penetrating4  
Penetrating / fistulising2  
Disease activity indicesHarvey Bradshaw Index (median, range)3 (0–8)Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (median, range)2 (0–9)
Medical therapy, Number of patients, nNil0 0
5-ASAs only2 1
Steroids ±5-ASAs1 3
Azathioprine / 6-MP ± 5-ASAs / steroids1 3
Methotrexate ±5-ASAs / steroids0 1
IFX / ADA / vedolizumab ±5-ASAs / steroids2 2
IFX / ADA / vedolizumab ± immunomodulators5 3
Previous intestinal surgery / surgeries, Number of patients, n (%)Jejunal resection0  
Single ileo-colonic resection3 0
Multiple ileo-colonic resections1 0
Colectomy (total or subtotal)0 1
  1. 5ASAs 5-aminosalicylates, 6-MP 6-mercaptopurine, IFX Infliximab, ADA Adalimumab