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Table 1 Patient Characteristics

From: Safety and outcome of gastrostomy tube placement in patients with Loeys-Dietz syndrome

PatientLDS TypeSexComorbidities†Technique*age at placement§IndicationBMI Z-score at placementBMI ∆ Z-score/ month**years follow upMost recent BMI Z-score ‡
11MFA, EGID, crohnsPEG 14F10FTT−2.32−0.3710.4−6.90
2.11M Open<  1Poor intake−1.96−0.040.9 
2.2PEG 20F3FTT−3.630.845.2−2.99
31M Lap w/BIH<  1FTT, poor intake−2.780.182.1−1.71
41M Lap w/LIH7FTT−7.040.450.7−3.45
5.11FFA, eczemaLap w/Nissen, Ladds for malrotation8FTT−2.10−0.360.7 
62M Lap9FTT−
72FFA, EGID, UCPEG 14F13FTT−2.53−0.251.1−3.96
82FFA, EGIDPEG 16F5FTT−1.45−0.039.6−0.46
92FFA, EGIDOpen, Stamm w/Nissen<  1Poor intake−1.560.2913.70.54
102FEGIDPEG 20F7FTT−5.400.780.6−0.80
Median    7 −2.660.076.2−1.84
Minimum    <  1 −7.04−0.370.6−6.90
Maximum    13 −1.450.8413.70.54
  1. Patients 2 and 5 had gastrostomy tubes placed twice
  2. BMI Z-score from CDC growth chart; at ages less than 2 years old, the WHO weight/length Z-score was used
  3. FA food allergy; EGID eosinophilic GI disease; UC ulcerative colitis
  4. *PEG Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; Lap Laproscopic; BIH bilateral inguinal hernia repair; LIH Left inguinal hernia repair
  5. §Age at placement rounded to nearest year
  6. **in the immediate post-operative period
  7. ‡Most recent BMI Z-score or last BMI Z score prior to discontinuation of gastrostomy tube feeds