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Table 4 Univariate analyses of predictors associated with total bleeding events (immediate and delayed postpolypectomy bleeding)

From: Prophylactic clip application for large pedunculated polyps before snare polypectomy may decrease immediate postpolypectomy bleeding

VariablesOR95% CIP-value
Age (≥60 vs. < 60)0.9250.428–2.0000.844
Sex (male vs. female)0.9750.390–2.380.956
DM (yes vs. no)0.9290.237–3.6420.916
HTN (yes vs. no)0.6550.284–1.5090.320
BMI (≥24 vs. < 24)1.2950.604–2.7770.506
Use of antiplatelet (yes vs. no)0.8570.289–2.5360.780
Prophylactic clip application (yes vs. no)0.3540.1570.7950.012
Bowel preparation (excellent or good vs. adequate)0.4280.176–1.0390.061
Polyp size (≥20 mm vs. 10–19 mm)3.7901.698–8.4590.001
Stalk diameter (≥4 mm vs. 1–3 mm)2.0600.927–4.5800.076
Location of polyp (left colon vs. right colon)2.7021.122–6.5050.027
High-grade adenoma (yes vs. no)0.8460.257–2.7850.783
Adenocarcinoma (yes vs. no)1.1290.209–6.0950.887
  1. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; HTN, hypertension; DM, diabetes mellitus; BMI, body mass index