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Table 1 Natural health regimens from January to May 2019

From: Drug induced hepatitis mimicking Wilson’s disease secondary to the use of complex naturopathic regimens: a case report

DrugDoseRouteDurationLiver Toxicity ScoreInteractions
Ashwagandha600 mgPO5 daysCNone available
CopperUnknownPO1 monthANo interaction
Ascorbic Acid3.75–7.25 gIVThree treatmentsENo interaction
L-Carnitine1.25 g–3.75 gIVThree treatmentsNo reports/unknownNo interaction
Acetylcysteine0.5 g to 2.75 gIVThree treatmentsENo interaction
B-Complex 1000.50 mL to 1.00 mLIVThree treatmentsNo reports/unknownNo interaction
Magnesium Sulfide0.25 gIVThree treatmentsNo reports/unknownNo interaction
Selenium Chloride100mcg to 200mcgPOBID for 4 monthsCirrhosis in animal studies, no studies in humansNo interaction
Bicarbonate 8.4%1.25 mLIVThree treatmentsNo reports/unknownNot available
Rivaroxaban15 mgPODaily, 2014 to Feb. 2019BNo interaction
Combined Ingredients of Herbal medications (Herbalife)N/AN/AN/AANot available
  1. Risk defined by Livertox database, which is an evidenced based database from the National Institutes of Health [7]. Drug interactions were tested on all available drugs below using IBM Micromedex drug reference version v2080. A = Well established cause of clinically apparent liver injury. B=Highly likely cause of clinically apparent liver injury. C=Probable cause of clinically apparent liver injury. E = Unlikely cause of clinically apparently liver injury