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Table 3 Intraoperative characteristics for the pediatric hepaticresection (n = 156)

From: Prediction of perioperative outcome after hepatic resection for pediatric patients

ASA fitness grade, n (%)
 II29 (18.6%)
 III119 (76.3%)
 IV8 (5.1%)
Operative time (mins), median (range)167.7 (65–600)
Estimated blood loss (ml), median (range)320.1 (10–1600)
Extent of liver resection, n (%) 
 Extended right or left hemihepatectomy14 (9.0%)
 Right hemihepatectomy36 (23.1%)
 Left hemihepatectomy23 (14.7%)
 Central hepatectomy7 (4.5%)
 Left lateral segmentectomy12 (7.7%)
 Right anterior or posterior sectorectomy9 (5.8%)
 Segmental resection27 (17.3%)
 Wedge resections16 (10.3%)
 Enucleations12 (7.7%)
Additional major procedure, n (%)
 Resection and reconstruction of the vena cava3 (1.9%)
 Portal vein resections and reconstructions5 (3.2%)
 Resection and reconstruction of the hepatic artery12 (7.7%)
Over three segments resection, n (%)80 (51.3%)
Transfused patients, n (%)144 (92.3%)
Red cell transfusion (units), median (range)1.81 (0–11.75)
FFP transfusion (ml), median (range)163.65 (0–1500)
Nadir Hb concentration (g/dL), median (range)86.4 (72–144)
Crystalloid (mL), median (range)899.1 (120–6400)