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Table 1 A Description of Patients with UC-related Tracheobronchitis Occurring Late after Colectomy

From: Tracheobronchitis in ulcerative colitis: a case report of therapeutic response with infliximab and review of the literature

  Vashista S et al. [21] Vashista S et al. [21] Wilcox et al. [19] Garg K et al. [22] Ocak I et al. [11]
Sex Male Male Male Female Male
Age at diagnosis of UC (years) 28 59 34 13 18
Age at colectomy (years) 42 59 35 28 40
Duration of UC at onset of tracheobronchitis symptoms (years) 16 5 16 27 35
Years since colectomy 2 5 15 12 13
Treatment High dose inhaled beclomethasone
Prednisolone 5-15 mg daily
High dose inhaled beclo-methasone
Prednisolone (unspecified dose)
Manual dilation of distal trachea and main bronchi at rigid bronchoscope
Prednisolone 20 mg/day
Not specified Prednisolone 20 mg/day
Outcome Improved symptoms Improved symptoms Transient improvement of symptoms
Iatrogenic ruputure of bronchus during bronchus redilation procedure.
Not specified Improved symptoms