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Table 2 Quality assessment using the Newcastle-Ottawa scale

From: The Association of obesity with vascular complications after liver transplantation

Studies The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale
Selection Comparability Outcome Total score
  Representativeness of the exposed cohort (maximum:) Selection of the non exposed cohort (maximum:) Ascertainment of exposure (maximum:) Demonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of study (maximum:) Comparability of cohorts on the basis of the design or analysis (maximum:) Assessment of outcome (maximum:) Was follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur
Adequacy of follow up of cohorts (maximum:)  
Nair (2001) [15]
Fujikawa (2006) [21]
Lamattina (2012) [13]
Hakeem (2013) [16]
(2013) [22]
Gunay (2013) [23]
Triguero (2015) [24]
Molina (2016) [14]