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Table 1 Mainly described some of the laboratory tests during the hospitalization of this patient

From: Suspected drug-induced liver injury associated with iguratimod: a case report and review of the literature

WBC(*10^9/L) 3.54 Albumin(g/L) 28.0 ANCA negative
Neutrophils(%) 61.00 TBIL(umol/L) 263.62 ACL negative
Lymphocytes(%) 29.70 DBIL(umol/L) 211.34 AMA-M negative
Eosinophils(%) 0.60 IBIL(umol/L) 52.28 HBsAg negative
Basophils(%) 0.80 AST(U/L) 747 HBsAb positive
RBC(*10^12/L) 3.93 ALT(U/L) 986 HBeAb positive
Hemoglobin(g/L) 119 ALP(U/L) 184 HbcAb positive
Platelets(*10^9/L) 130 r-GTP(U/L) 256 HBV-DNA(IU/ml) < 20
PT(S) 22.9 LDH(U/L) 346 anti-HA negative
APTT(S) 60.2 TBA(umol/L) 205.85 anti-HCV negative
PTA(%) 40.0 IgG4(ug/ml) 265 anti-HEV negative
CRP(mg/L) 6.23 IgG(g/L) 13.68 anti-HSV negative
PCT(ng/ml) 0.56 IgA(g/L) 2.41 anti-CMV IgM negative
G test negative IgM(g/L) 2.62 anti-CMV IgG positive
GM test negative complementC3(g/L) 0.26 anti-EBV VCA IgM negative
Blood culture negative complement C4(g/L) 0.07  
T-SPOT test negative ANA positive,1:3200
RF normal anti-SS-A(60) positive
Anti-O negtive anti-SS-A(52) positive
  anti-La/SS-B positive