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Table 4 Pathway analysis of twelve bile acids in liver cirrhosis compared with healthy volunteers

From: Taurocholic acid is an active promoting factor, not just a biomarker of progression of liver cirrhosis: evidence from a human metabolomic study and in vitro experiments

Pathway name Hit P -log(P) FDR Impact
Primary bile acid biosynthesis 5 5.72 × 10–10 21.281 1.05 × 10–9 0.10527
Taurine and hypotaurine metabolism 1 1.05 × 10–9 20.677 1.05 × 10–9 0
  1. Hit means the matched number of bile acid in metabolization pathway; The P value is calculated from the enrichment analysis; Impact value is calculate from pathway topography analysis; FDR value is the false discovery rate adjusted P value