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Table 4 Areas under the receiver operator characteristic curves (AUROC) for the prediction of NAFLD derived from different models in the HELENA-Trial (n = 143)

From: Anthropometric and blood parameters for the prediction of NAFLD among overweight and obese adults

  Included Predictors Reference AUROC
NAFLD liver fat score Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, AST, AST/ALT ratio, Insulin Kotronen et al. 2009 [9] 0.82 (0.75–0.89)
Framingham Steatosis Index (FSI) Age, Sex,
BMI, Hypertension, Diabetes, ALT/AST ratio, Triglycerides
Long et al. 2016 [10] 0.74 (0.65–0.82)
The Hepatic Steatosis Index (HSI) Sex,
BMI, Diabetes,
ALT/AST ratio
Lee et al. 2009 [11] 0.71 (0.63–0.80)
The Fatty Liver Index (FLI) BMI, Waist circumference,
GGT, Trygylcerides
Bedogni et al. 2006 [12] 0.77 (0.70–0.85)
Helena-Trial Index Age, Sex,
Waist circumference,
Present Study 0.85 (0.78, 0.91)a
  1. aafter internal bootstrap validation