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Fig. 3

From: Endoscopic ultrasound-guided transmural drainage for subphrenic abscess: report of two cases and a literature review

Fig. 3

a CT shows accumulated fluid containing gas (arrows) in the left subphrenic area adjacent to the fornix of the stomach. b Fluoroscopy image shows the guidewires coiling in the abscess cavity. The hemoclip (arrowhead) is placed at the esophageal junction to avoid transesophageal puncture. c Fluoroscopic image shows an 8-mm-diameter balloon catheter (arrows) dilating the ostomy between the stomach and the abscess cavity. d A 5-cm-long 7F double pigtail stent (arrowheads) and a 6F naso-abscess catheter (arrows) are placed into the cavity. e Fluoroscopic image with contrast medium enhancement via the naso-abscess external catheter shows shrinkage of the abscess cavity (arrows). The hemoclip (arrowhead) is placed at the esophageal junction. f CT demonstrates the drainage catheter and stent, and reduction of the abscess cavity

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