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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression to predict whether respondent has visited an HCP about CeD in last 5 years (assuming he or she was diagnosed at least 5 years ago)

From: Self-reported dietary adherence, disease-specific symptoms, and quality of life are associated with healthcare provider follow-up in celiac disease

  Coefficient Std. error P-value
Age group 0.081 0.049 0.098
CDAT score −0.56 0.16 3.6*10−4
CSI score 0.45 0.13 4.2*10−4
CD-QOL score −0.38 0.096 5.8*10−5
  1. Positive coefficient means that as age or score increases, probability of visiting an HCP increases. Coefficients and standard errors for CDAT, CSI, and CD-QOL are normalized by the number of questions in the instrument. A higher CD-QOL corresponds to better quality of life, whereas higher CDAT and CSI scores correspond to worse dietary adherence and disease-specific symptoms, respectively