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Table 3 Self-reported information on HCP follow-up among respondents diagnosed at least 5 y ago

From: Self-reported dietary adherence, disease-specific symptoms, and quality of life are associated with healthcare provider follow-up in celiac disease

Visited HCP in last 5 y n = 1493
 Yes 65.6%
 No 27.1%
 Not sure 7.4%
Reasons for not visiting HCPa n = 479
 Doing fine on my own 47.6%
 Haven’t needed to 28.0%
 Provider not knowledgeable 27.6%
 Previous visits not helpful 23.6%
 Co-pay is too high 7.9%
 Don’t trust healthcare providers 5.0%
 Uninsured 3.5%
  1. aNot mutually exclusive