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Table 4 Reference values of plasma i-FABP, LPS, and d-la in healthy individuals

From: Association between acute gastrointestinal injury and biomarkers of intestinal barrier function in critically ill patients

Biomarker Median (IQR, 25%–75%)
i-FABP (pg/mL) 31.32 (24.54–34.87)
LPS (pg/mL) 2.65 (1.17–3.45)
d-la (μmol/L) 8.21 (3.23–10.37)
  1. Values were obtained from 50 volunteers (men, 40%) with a mean age of 47 ± 15 years. The volunteers were recruited from communities in Changchun, and were adults without any history of malignancy, infections, or gastrointestinal disease in the last 3 months
  2. d -la d-lactate, i-FABP intestinal fatty acid–binding protein, IQR interquartile range, LPS lipopolysaccharide