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Table 1 Cost-generating items and unit costs

From: Costs and quality of life of small-incision open cholecystectomy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy - an expertise-based randomised controlled trial

Cost item Unit cost, USD Cost category
Preoperative ERC 1216.00 Other HCC
Perioperative cholangiogram 295.79 Op cost
Material costs/operation   Op cost
LC 481.38  
LC converted to OC 559.51  
SIOC 419.67  
SIOC converted to OC 419.67  
Surgeons costs/min 4.27 Op cost
Anaesthesia cost/min 2.64 Op cost
Other staff costs/min 3.66 Op cost
Facilities costs/min 1.60 Op cost
Fixed costs operating staff/operation 757.11 Op cost
Recovery unit costs/operation 267.37 Other HCC
Secondary cholangiogram costs 197.14 Other HCC
Postoperative ERC cost 1216.00 Other HCC
Hospitalisation cost/day 817.30 Other HCC
Readmission cost/day 817.30 Other HCC
Sick leave costs men/day 210.67 Indirect costs
Sick leave costs women/day 181.18 Indirect costs
  1. Other HCC other health care costs, Op cost cost generated by operation, LC laparoscopic cholecystectomy, OC open cholecystectomy, SIOC small-incision open cholecystectomy