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Table 2 The operative characteristics of the patients

From: Continuous suturing with two anterior layers reduces post-operative complications and hospitalization time in pancreaticoenterostomy

Characteristics Interrupt suturing (N = 29) Continuous suturing (N = 16) P
Operation time (min) 260.8 ± 35.6 249.5 ± 31.7 0.731
Pancreaticoenterostomy time (min) 14.1 ± 2.9 11.3 ± 1.8 0.045
Blood lost (ml) 465.4 ± 72.3 426.1 ± 57.6 0.672
Hospitalization time (d) 24.2 ± 11.6 12.3 ± 5.0 0.000
Complicationsa    0.042
   Death 3 1b  
   Pancreatic leakage 8 2  
   Bleeding 7 2  
   Pneumonia 2 1  
  1. a The complications were varied. In the interrupted suture group, two of the three deaths were due to pancreatic leakage followed by severe hemorrhaging, as revealed by secondary laparotomy, and active bleeding occurred at the stomas of the pancreaticojejunostomies. The other death was due to hemorrhaging without pancreatic leakage. Two cases of bleeding that presented with post-operative blood drainage were cured conservatively and were secondary to pancreatic leakage. The remaining two cases of bleeding were also cured conservatively, and these cases presented with hematemesis and melena without pancreatic leakage. The remaining cases of pancreatic leakage were cured conservatively, and secondary injuries were not found
  2. b The death in the continuous group was also due to a large hemorrhage secondary to pancreatic leakage. The other case of pancreatic leakage was cured conservatively. The other case of bleeding in continuous group presented with melena and was cured conservatively. The case with pneumonia was cured by the time of discharge