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Fig. 1

From: Food IgG4 antibodies are elevated not only in children with wheat allergy but also in children with gastrointestinal diseases

Fig. 1

Serum concentrations and medians of wheat and rice sIgG in children from the control group and in children with IgE mediated wheat allergy. *wheat/rice: p < 0,05; Mann–Whitney test, **control group: children not suffering from atopy and gastrointestinal diseases in the upper part of the digestive tract (endoscopic and histological examination). In the control group the median titer of wheat sIgG was 2850 μg/L (0–7250 μg/L), while that of rice sIgG was 0 (0–4780 μg/L). In each of the wheat allergy phases the titers of sIgG were significantly higher for wheat than for rice (p < .005). They did not differ significantly over the three allergy phases both in the case of wheat and rice

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