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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of enrolled subjects

From: Does the intestinal microbial community of Korean Crohn’s disease patients differ from that of western patients?

Number of subjects 15 35
Number of samples 30 45
Male:Female 14:1 26:9
Mean age (year) 35.0 28.1
BMI (kg/m2) 23.9 21.2
Mean disease duration (month) 54.9
Montreal classificationa (No. of patients) L1B1 (2), L1B2 (2), L2B1 (4), L2B2 (1), L3B1 (17), L3B2 (5), L3B3 (4)
Perianal involvement (No. of patients) 11 (31.4 %)
Medication (No. of patients) Prednisolone (5), 5-ASA (30), Azathioprine (22), Infliximab (9)
  1. HC healthy control, CD Crohn’s disease, BMI body mass index, 5-ASA 5-aminosalicylic acid. a Disease location and behavior are classified as L1-3 and B1-3, respectively; L1, ileal location; L2, colonic location; L3, ileocolonic location; B1, inflammatory behavior; B2, structuring behavior; B3, penetrating behavior