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Table 1 Hepatic conditions exclusion criteria, identified on the basis of health care claims

From: Hepatic outcomes among adults taking duloxetine: a retrospective cohort study in a US health care claims database

Heart failure  
Positive markers for hepatitis infections  
HIV infection  
Abnormal aminotransferases  
Abnormal total bilirubin  
Abnormal transferrin saturation  
Acute or sub-acute necrosis of liver  
Veno-occlusive liver disease (not including Budd Chiari syndrome)  
Liver infarction  
Hepatic coma  
Hepatorenal syndrome  
Chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, and/or fibrosis  
Chronic hepatitis  
Chronic active hepatitis  
Acute hepatitis  
Alcoholic hepatitis  
Autoimmune hepatitis  
Viral hepatitis  
Unspecified or cryptogenic hepatitis  
Nonalcoholic hepatitis  
Biliary tract obstruction, stricture, stones  
Primary or metastatic neoplasia of the liver and hepatic ducts  
Primary or metastatic tumors elsewhere  
Hepatic encephalopathy  
Liver transplant  
Other liver operations  
Hereditary hemochromatosis  
Disorders of copper metabolism (Wilson’s disease)  
Alpha-1 antitripsin deficiency  
Celiac disease  
Sclerosing cholangitis  
Primary biliary cirrhosis  
Liver helminth, fluke, parasite  
Budd-Chiari Syndrome  
Abdominal trauma