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Fig. 2

From: Massive pneumoretroperitoneum arising from emphysematous cholecystitis: a case report and the literature review

Fig. 2

Abdominal CT findings. a: CT showed a thickened wall and intramural air of the gallbladder, suggesting emphysematous cholecystitis (white arrows). b: Pneumobilia was detected in the intrahepatic bile duct (black arrows). The gallbladder contained air within the lumen (white arrows). Subserosal free air was detected in the hepatoduodenal ligament and around the pancreas head (white arrowheads). c: Massive pneumoretroperitoneum was observed behind the right-sided colon (white arrows). d: Pneumoretroperitoneum extended to the retroperitoneal space behind the ascending mesocolon, bordered by the cecum and iliopsoas muscle (white arrows)

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