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Table 1 Joint EORTC-RTOG acute toxicity scoring criteria

From: Scintigraphic evaluation of oesophageal transit during radiotherapy to the mediastinum

Score Symptoms Suggested Therapy
0 absence of alterations of the basal state  
1 slight dysphagia and/or odynophagia topic anaesthetic and/or no-narcotic analgesics, light diet
2 moderate dysphagia and/or odynophagia narcotics analgesics, diet based on purées or liquids
3 severe dysphagia and/or odynophagia with dehydration and weight loss >15% nasogastric small probe for nutrition, liquid infusion or hyper-caloric diet
4 complete occlusion/obstruction, ulceration, perforation, (fistulae)  
  1. European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer and Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (EORTC-RTOG)