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Archived Comments for: Correlation between CD4 counts of HIV patients and enteric protozoan in different seasons – An experience of a tertiary care hospital in Varanasi (India)

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  1. Confusion in the interpretation of CD4 among AIDS or HIV +ve patients

    Hassan H. Dib, Peking University Health Science Center

    23 January 2009

    It came to my attention while I am reviewing some papers on CD4 among HIV patients with Cryptosporidium, I have found your article and after reviewing it I have had found something a bit confusing.

    First, in your method you have mentioned that you have measured the levels of CD4 among HIV positive patients, and later then in your tables you have indicated that those reflect AIDS patients. Wouldn't CD4 levels will be totally different between HIV positive and AIDS patients who attracted Cryptosporidium. Plus, wouldn't AIDS patients have a higher tendency than HIV positive patietns to attract opportunisitc infections which will reflect proportionally on the CD4 levels between the two.

    Competing interests

    There is no competing interest, just to clarify some misplacement of some information for the readers.