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Table 10 Operations classified for the present study

From: Cholecystectomy in Sweden 2000 – 2003: a nationwide study on procedures, patient characteristics, and mortality

Cholecystectomy-related procedures (JKA20, JKA21 excluded)
Intraoperative cholangiography TJK00, TJK01
Intraoperativ cholangioscopy JKB20, TJK21
Common bile duct exploration JKB00, JKB01
Laparoscopic transcystic stone removal JKB11
Bilio-enteric anastomosis without resection JKD
Endoscopic sphincterotomy JKE02
Excision of bile duct JKC
Reintervention on bile duct JKF
Vessel suture PCB, PCC
Bowel suture JFA70, JFA71
Reoperations due to complications after previous abdominal surgery JW
Other open procedures
Cholecystotomy JKA00
Cholecystostomy JKA10
Other operation on gallbladder JKA96
Bile duct suture JKB40
Other local operation on bile duct JKB96
Transduodenal sphincterotomy JKE00
Transduodenal sphincteroplasty JKE06
Other transduodenal procedure on bile duct or sphincter JKE96
Other operation on bile duct JKW96
Incisional hernia repair JAD
Other laparoscopic procedures
Laparoscopic cholecystostomy JKA11
Other laparoscopic procedure on gallbladder JKA97
Other laparoscopic local operation on bile duct JKB97
Other laparoscopic operation on bile duct JKW97
Other endoscopic procedures
Removal of common bile duct stones JKE12
Lithotripsy JKE15
Internal drainage JKE18
Removal of foreign body (stent) JKE22
External drainage JKE25
Dilatation of bile duct JKE32
Other endoscopic procedure JKE98, JKW98
Percutaneous procedures
Cholecystostomy JKA13
Transhepatic drainage JKB30