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Table 2 Management of, and results for, bleeding pseudoaneurysms in the 9 patients with chronic pancreatitis

From: Management and outcome of bleeding pseudoaneurysm associated with chronic pancreatitis

Case/sex/age (years) Initial treatment Associated pseudocyst Rebleeding Secondary treatment Length of follow-up (months) Outcome
1/M/59 A No No No 57 S
2/M/33 TG, L No No No 38 S
3/M/46 E Yes* Yes E, L, ED 4 D
4/F/71 E No Yes E 18 S
5/M/36 Nearly TP, Sp No No No 50 S
6/M/33 DP+ Yes* Yes E, L, ED 87 S
7/M/28 DP, Sp Yes+ No GC+ 15 S
8/M/38 A, ED Yes+ No RD 51 S
9/M/35 DP, Sp Yes No No 10 S
  1. A, resection of pseudoaneurysm and arteriorrhaphy; TG, total gastrectomy; TP, total pancreatectomy; Sp, splenectomy; DP, distal pancreatectomy; E, embolization; L, arterial ligation; ED, external drainage; GC, gastrocystostomy; RD, revision of drained tube; S, survived; D, died
  2. *, after intervention; +, recurrent, ‡, embolization failure