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Table 1 Data collected in EDEMA studies used for abdominal attacks analysis

From: Abdominal attacks and treatment in hereditary angioedema with C1-inhibitor deficiency

  EDEMA0 EDEMA1 EDEMA2 EDEMA3 EDEMA4 DX-88/19 Patients Attacks
        (N) (N)
Symptoms at baseline X X X1     112 296
Attack location    X2 X X X 149 521
McGill-SF pain questionnaire         
  Pain descriptors X X X1    X 242 502
  Treatment outcomes    X2    X 111 386
VAS for pain    X2    X 111 386
Treatment outcome score    X2 X X X 149 521
Time to response     X X X 149 521
WBC count and surgical history X X X1 X X X 183 569
  1. Abbreviations: SF short form, VAS visual analog scale, WBC white blood cell.
  2. 1Includes all patients treated in EDEMA2.
  3. 2Only includes patients treated in the 30 mg subcutaneous ecallantide treatment arm.