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Figure 1

From: DNA methylation subgroups and the CpG island methylator phenotype in gastric cancer: a comprehensive profiling approach

Figure 1

Cluster diagram of 219 tumor-specific CpG sites (rows) in 60 GC tumor samples (columns). The RPMM tree and clusters (labelled A-F) under the two major subtypes (A-C and D-F) are shown at the top of the Figure. Clinicopathological and molecular features are shown below the cluster diagram. White rectangles are cases with missing data. History of dysplasia: yes (red), no (blue); History of intestinal metaplasia: yes (red), no (blue); History of atrophic gastritis: yes (red), no (blue); History of chronic gastritis: yes (red), no (blue); H. pylori status: yes (red), no (blue); Perineural invasion: yes (red), no (blue); Lymphoid invasion: yes (red), no (blue); Lauren classification: diffuse (blue), intestinal (red), mixed (yellow); Differentiation: poor (blue), moderate (red); Adenocarcinoma subtype: mucinous (blue), signet ring (red), tubular (yellow); Tumor size: >4.5 cm (median) (red), ≤4.5 cm (blue); Location: distal 1/3 (blue), middle 1/3 (red), proximal 1/3 (yellow); Stage: III/IV (red), I/II (blue); Ethnicity: Non-Chinese (red), Chinese (blue); Age: >71 years (median) (red), ≤71 years (blue); Gender: female (red), male (blue); BRAF mutation: mutant (red), wildtype (blue); KRAS mutation: mutant (red), wildtype (blue); MSI status: MSI (red), MSS (blue).

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