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Table 2 Multivariate analysis with Cox proportional hazards model for prediction of overall survival in patients with gastric cancer

From: CD44 but not CD24 expression is related to poor prognosis in non-cardia adenocarcinoma of the stomach

  Relative risk (95% CI) P value*
CD44 expression   
  Negative (n=112) Reference  
  Positive (n=178) 1.57(1.05-2.36) 0.029
CD24 expression   
  Negative (n=173) Reference  
  Positive (n=117) 1.41(0.98-2.02) 0.065
TNM staging   
  I (n=23) Reference  
  II (n=47) 1.69(0.46-6.24) 0.433
  III (n=187) 4.32(1.33-14.01) 0.015
  IV (n=33) 14.53(4.27-49.41) <0.001
Lymph-vascular invasion   
  Absent (n=134) Reference  
  Present (n=156) 1.60(1.09-2.35) 0.016
  1. *Cox proportional hazards model, adjusted for gender, age,venous infiltration, TNM staging.