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Table 2 Patient baseline characteristics

From: High dose multiple micronutrient supplementation improves villous morphology in environmental enteropathy without HIV enteropathy: results from a double-blind randomised placebo controlled trial in Zambian adults

  Placebo MM P
Number 20 18  
Mean (SD) age (years) 41.8 (10.5) 35.8 (11.0) 0.1j
Sex (male:female) 16:4 11:7 0.28k
HIV positive (number) 9 6 0.52k
CD4 count per μL (range) 159-656e 247-959h n/a
Median (IQR) Household Hygiene Score a 5 (4.25-9.75) 5 (4.75-5) 0.34l
Never/rarely boil water (number) 15 13 1k
Never/rarely chlorinate water (number) 11 9 1m
BCG scar (number) 16 13 0.7k
Previous tuberculosis (number) 7 4 0.49m
Symptoms/signs of micronutrient deficiency b 1 1 1k
Mean (SD) BMI (kg/m 2 ) 23.7 (4.4) 24 (6.1) 0.84j
Mean (SD) MUAC (cm) 28.2 (5.5) 29.8 (6.7) 0.4j
Mean (SD) fat (%) c 37.1 (8.9)f 35.5 (10.5)i 0.64j
Mean (SD) water (%) c 46.9 (9.7)f 46.9 (8.2)i 1j
Mean (SD) dynamometry (kg) d 30.4 (6.0)g 31 (7.9)i 0.81j
Never/rarely drink alcohol (number) 14 9 0.32m
Median (IQR) approx. monthly income ($) 100 (60-120)f 80 (40-100)i 0.5n
Secondary education or better (number) 3 3 1m
Electricity supply (number) 4 5 0.71k
  1. BMI, body mass index; MUAC, mid upper arm circumference. aThe Household Hygiene Score is an objective measure of the living conditions of each participant and ranges from 0 (worst) to 10 (best). Trained fieldworkers score up to 2 points in each of five categories (overall cleanliness; water storage facilities; food storage facilities; hand washing facilities and their use; sanitation facilities) [2]. bOne case of night blindness in both groups. cFat and water content was measured using a Bodystat 1500 impedance analyser (Bodystat, Douglas, Isle of Mann). dDynamometry was measured using a Takeida dynamometer. eData available in 7/9 patients. fData available in 19/20 patients. gData available in 18/20 patients. hData available in 3/6 patients. iData available in 16/18 patients. j2-tailed t test. kFisher exact test. lChi squared test for trend. mChi squared test. nKruskal-Wallis test.