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Figure 8

From: Different healing process of esophageal large mucosal defects by endoscopic mucosal dissection between with and without steroid injection in an animal model

Figure 8

Histologic findings of the esophageal ulcer with steroid injection eight weeks after the ESD. (A) Low power view showing the area of the persistent open ulcer. The esophageal wall of the ulcer portion is occupied by transmural inflammatory granulation tissue (Gr) with disruption of the proper muscle layer (PM) and inflammatory necrotic tissue (NT) on the ulcer bed surface. HE, original magnification ×40. (B) High power view of the upper half area of the granulation tissue in the section stained for SMA, in which SMA-positive stromal cells appear stellate or polyogonal in shape and are arranged haphazardly. Immunostain for SMA, original magnification ×400.

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