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Table 2 Details of patients with threaded PS placement

From: Threaded biliary inside stents are a safe and effective therapeutic option in cases of malignant hilar obstruction

  Primary lesion Performance status Stage Bismuth classification Initial stent Multiple stent EST* Chemotherapy Patency period Outcome
1 Bile duct 2 IV IV N N Y No 350 Death
2 Bile duct 2 IV IV N Y Y No 300 Death
3 Gall bladder 0 IV I N N N GEM 270 Obstruction
4 Bile duct 0 IV IV N Y Y GEM 72 Obstruction
5 Bile duct 1 IV IV N N Y No 108 Death
6 Pancreas 1 IV I Y N N GEM 56 Obstruction
7 Gall bladder 3 IV II Y N N No 6 Obstruction by Coagulation
8 Gall bladder 1 IV III N N N S-1 127 Obstruction
9 Bile duct 2 III III Y N N GEM 41 Death
10 Pancreas 2 IV I Y N N No 32 Death
11 Gall bladder 1 IV IV N N N No 80 Obstruction
12 Pancreas 2 III I Y N N No 290 Alive
  1. EST, endoscopic sphincterotomy; GEM, gemcitabine.
  2. * These cases have already received endoscopic sphincterotomy in the earlier stent placement of MS or PS before threaded PS insertion.