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Table 1 Structured interview designed to assess safety and quality of endoscopy

From: Comfort, safety and quality of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy after 2 hours fasting: a randomized controlled trial

       Safety questions (answers: yes or not)
1. Did you notice the occurrence of nausea or vomit before the endoscopy?
2. There was regurgitation of gastric content after endoscopic intubation?
3. Did you observe stasis of liquid in the gastric lumen?
4. Did you find stasis of food in the gastric lumen?
5. Was the risk of tracheal aspiration increased?
            Quality questions
6. Was the visibility of the gastric mucosa compromised? (yes or not)
7. Overall, which rate would you give in relation to quality? (1 to 10 [best])
  1. Answers were indicated by the endoscopists following the procedure.