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Archived Comments for: MYC, FBXW7 and TP53 copy number variation and expression in Gastric Cancer

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  1. The Role of Fbxw7 in the Inversed Expression Pattern between CD44v and c-Myc

    Go Yoshida, School of Medicine, Keio University

    4 August 2014

    CD44 variant isoform (CD44v) is widely recognized to be a functional cancer stem cell marker to reduce reactive oxygen species. The inversed pattern was firstly identified in the normal gastric mucosa as well as tumor xenograft model. CD44v8-10(+) cells do not easily activate canonical Wnt signaling pathway as CD44v8-10(-) cells, which is why GRHL2-ESRP1-CD44v-xCT-GSH (glutathione) axis is regarded to be critical to repress the up-regulation of proto-oncogenic molecules such as c-Myc. Tumor tissue at the invasive area is considered to be composed of heterogeneous cellular population; dormant cancer stem-like cells with CD44v8-10 high/ Fbw7 high/ c-Myc low and proliferative cancer stem-like cells with CD44v8-10 high/ Fbw7 low/ c-Myc high.


    Inversed relationship between CD44 variant and c-Myc due to oxidative stress-induced canonical Wnt activation (Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014 Jan10;443(2):622-7.).

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