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Table 2 Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment with antidepressants for each patient collected as part of the Visual Analogue Scale in 2011

From: A magic pill? A qualitative analysis of patients’ views on the role of antidepressant therapy in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Patient No. Advantages Disadvantages
1 No side effects, efficacy Nothing
2 Makes me feel happier, stops me getting angry quickly Nothing
3 Feeling less anxious and depressed especially towards the evening None
4 Able to sleep better at night Can make you feel groggy in morning if I haven't slept it off
5 When they do work I feel a lot more confident and secure If it doesn't work sometimes I break down or become more aggressive
6 Prozac makes me feel that I can cope with day to day activities Not being able to stop taking Prozac
7 Helps to cope with my illness Sleep too much
8 Couldn't adequately answer as long time since starting a treatment Couldn't adequately answer as long time since starting a treatment
9 Stops me running to toilet Heart burn
10 Less feelings of hopelessness Stomach pain
11 Relaxation and improvement in sleep Having to take them
12 I am able to live a better qol with a more positive attitude and energy to partake in day-to-day life activities Possibility of becoming dependent on it later on in life
13 You do not notice it Nothing
14 Don't experience the deep depression anymore Weight gain, don't experience the high enjoyment anymore
15 I don't know I am having the drug Nothing