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Table 2 PCR results for Helicobacter species

From: Prevalence of non Helicobacter pylori species in patients presenting with dyspepsia

  PCR for Helicobacter genus specific 16SrRNA
  Positive n = 167 Negative n = 83 P value
H. pylori glmM    
   Positive 133(80) 9(11) < 0.001
   Negative 34(20) 74(89)  
H. heilmannii ureB    
   Positive 17(10) 0(0) 0.003
   Negative 150(90) 83(100)  
H. felis ure A and B    
   Positive 10(6) 0(0) 0.03
   Negative 157(94) 83(100)  
  1. Univariate analysis was performed by using the independent sample t-test, Pearson Chi-square test or Fisher Exact test where appropriate. A P-value of < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. *All the H. heilmannii and H. felis PCR positive patients were also positive for H. pylori PCR amplification.