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Figure 3

From: Slug down-regulation by RNA interference inhibits invasion growth in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 3

Effect of Slug silencing on EC109cell apoptosis. A,After the same treatment schedule as described above, DNA fragmentation was quantitatively measured by Cell Death Detection ELISA kit using antihistone antibody. Each column represents the mean value of three independent experiments with standard deviation. *Differs from control (P = 0.0043) by Student's t test. B, TUNEL analysis showed a higher percentage of positively stained cells in siRNA-transfected EC109(72 h) compared with control tumors, the difference was significant (P = 0.026). Bars, SEM. *, raw values multiplied by 100 for scale. Original magnification, ×200.C, Slug Protein expression was determined by Western blot in Slug-transfected EC109 cells for 72 h(*P < 0.05;**P < 0.01).

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