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Table 1 Clinical feature of patients with nonspecific small-bowel ulcers

From: Long-term follow-up of nonspecific small bowel ulcers with a benign course and no requirement for surgery: is this a distinct group?

  Sex Age (years) Duration of symptom(s) before diagnosis (years) Indication for colonoscopy Treatment Duration of follow-up (years) Outcome (symptom) Outcome (endoscopy)
Case 1 Male 47 3 Diarrhea plus abdominal pain Probiotics 8 Partly improved Persistent
Case 2 Male 61 11 Abdominal pain None 9 Partly improved Self-limiting
Case 3 Female 50 1 Abdominal pain plus bloating Probiotics 6 Persistent Persistent
Case 4 Male 53 10 Diarrhea plus abdominal discomfort 5-ASA, probiotics and Claritin 6 Partly improved Persistent
Case 5 Male 52 1 Abdominal pain Herbal medicine and probiotics 8 Asymptomatic Self-limiting
Case 6 Female 44 0.5 Diarrhea plus abdominal discomfort 5-ASA and probiotics 5 Asymptomatic Recurrent
Case 7 Male 76 * Surveillance for polyps None 7 * Persistent
  1. 5-ASA: 5-asalazine
  2. * This patient was asymptomatic and ileal ulcers were accidentally found during a surveillance colonoscopy for polyps.