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Figure 1

From: Keratin 8 expression in colon cancer associates with low faecal butyrate levels

Figure 1

K8 surface expression at mid-sigmoid (MS) and contra-lateral wall (CO). (A) Examples of various surface staining intensities. A weak staining at surface mucosa was scored 1 (Panel 1Ai) and the strong intensity was scored as 2 (Panel 1Aii). (B) Most common pattern both at MS and CO was 3 suggesting that K8 expression is most strongly expressed at the mucosal surface (38.88% at MS and 52.94% at CO). (C) Unpaired t-test shows a high mean value (2.3) at CO compared with MS (1.96) indicating a trend towards a higher surface expression of K8 around cancer compared to the distant mucosa.

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