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Table 1 Donor information of the sample set for DIGE

From: Proteomics analysis of serum protein profiling in pancreatic cancer patients by DIGE: up-regulation of mannose-binding lectin 2 and myosin light chain kinase 2

Casea Age Sex Tumor location Stageb
T1 51 M Head II
T2 50 M Head II
T3 62 F Tail III
T4 71 M Head II
T5 54 F Tail III
N1 40 F   
N2 44 M   
N3 55 M   
N4 65 F   
N5 60 M   
  1. aT: pancreatic cancer patients; N: non-cancer bearing donors.
  2. bThe Union International Contre Le Cancer(UICC) classification.