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Figure 6

From: Role of myosin light chain kinase in intestinal epithelial barrier defects in a rat model of bowel obstruction

Figure 6

Histological images of the distal small intestine of sham and IO rats treated with vehicle or ML-7. (Panels A to D) Sections of intestinal tissues were stained with H & E. (Panels E to H) The apoptotic level of intestinal tissues was determined by TUNEL assay. All photomicrographs were taken at 100× magnification. Representative images shown were intestinal tissues of four groups of rats: (A, E) sham+v, (B, F) IO+v, (C, G) sham+ML-7, and (D, H) IO+ML-7. The IO-induced villous blunting, epithelial shedding (asterisk) and cell apoptosis (arrows) were partially prevented by ML-7, but not by vehicle.

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