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Table 2 Self-report of adverse events 1

From: Study protocol of a single-arm phase 2 study evaluating the preventive effect of topical hydrocortisone for capecitabine-induced hand-foot syndrome in colorectal cancer patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine plus oxaliplatin (T-CRACC study)

Side effect self-report 1         
  Grade / / / / / / /
I have stomatitis but it does not hurt 1        
Stomatitis hurts a little, but I can eat more than half 2        
I can hardly eat because of stomatitis 3        
Hand foot syndrome         
Red and swollen, but no pain 1        
There is pain, but it does not interfere with daily life 2        
It is painful and interferes with daily life 3        
There is pigmentation in limited areas such as fingertips 1        
There is systemic pigmentation 2        
Peripheral neuropathy         
There is some numbness, but it does not affect the operation 1        
It is difficult to act due to numbness, but it does not interfere with daily life 2        
Numbness interferes with daily life 3        
I have no sensation 4        
Peripheral sensory impairment         
I react instantly to hypersensitivity when I come in contact with cold things 1        
Contact with cold objects sustains a hypersensitive reaction, but is painless 2        
Contact with cold objects causes persistent hypersensitivity and pain 3        
 < Please enclose the affected area >