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Table 3 Summary of 11 cases with RDD involving the Pancreas

From: Pancreatic involvement in Erdheim-Chester disease: a case report and review of the literature

No. References Sex/age Symptoms Site Treatment Outcome Other organs involved
1. Esquivel et al. [36] F/48y Belly pain Body and tail Distal pancreatectomy Unknown Spleen
2. Zivin et al. [37] F/63y Jaundice Body Whipple Resolution Lung
3. Podberezin et al. [38] F/35y Belly pain Tail Mass excision Progression (steroids, chemo, imatinib, excision) Spine, perinephric, perisplenic
4. Romero et al. [39] F/74y Belly pain Head PPPD Unknown
5. Shaikh et al. [40] F/59y Belly pain Body and tail Whipple, steroids Progression (imatinib) Liver
6. Mantilla et al. [41] F/54y Belly pain, weight loss Tail Distal pancreatectomy Resolution
7. Karajgikar et al. [42] F/65y Belly pain Head, body, and tail Consider clofarabine Unknown Presacral soft tissue, skin
8. Smith et al. [43] F/75y Weight loss Body Steroids Resolution
9. Brown et al. [44] F/65y Granulomatous uveitis, skin rash Tail Distal pancreatectomy Resolution Skin
10. Liu et al. [45] F/71y Fullness Tail Distal pancreatectomy Resolution
11. Emily et al. [46] F/40y Belly pain Tail Distal pancreatectomy Resolution Colon