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Table 1 Summary of 5 cases with ECD and LCH involving the Pancreas

From: Pancreatic involvement in Erdheim-Chester disease: a case report and review of the literature

No. References Sex/age Symptoms Site Treatment Outcome Other organs involved
1. Poehling et al. [13] F/57y Cramping Autopsy Prednisone Death Bone, kidney
2.Hara et al. [16] M/10y Fever, jaundice Diffuse swelling Chemo (EP) Death Lung, liver, spleen, BM, kidney
3.Yu et al. [17] M/8mo Belly pain, distension, diarrhea Autopsy Chemo (VP,C) Death Skin, liver, spleen, BM, lung, GI
4.Muwakkit et al. [18] M/4w Frequent stools Body (cyst) Chemo (VP) Resolution Skin, lung, spleen
5.Goyal et al. [19] M/18mo Loose stools Autopsy Chemo (VP) Death LN, liver, kidney
6.Hou et al. [20] M/44y / Diffuse swelling Chemo (CAVP) Resolution Lung, liver, LN, bone
  1. BM bone marrow, GI gastrointestinal tract, LN lymph node, Chemo chemotherapy, E etoposide, V vinblastine, P prednisone/prednisolone, C cyclosporin A, A adriamycin