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Table 1 Endoscopic procedures in margin-positive small rectal NET

From: Prognosis of incompletely resected small rectal neuroendocrine tumor using endoscope without additional treatment

  Margin-positive (n = 77)
Conventional EMR 57(74.0%)
local refer, resection as polyp 43/57(75.4%)
resection as NET 14/57(24.6%)
Modified EMR (EMR-C/P) 4(5.2%)
ESMR-L 5(6.5%)
ESD 11(14.3%)
  1. N number, EMR endoscopic mucosal resection, NET neuroendocrine tumor, EMR-C/P endoscopic mucosal resection-cap-assisted/precut, ESMR-L endoscopic submucosal resection-ligand, ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection